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I have received a multitude of expressions of condolences regarding the passing of Milton Friedman. Rather than respond to each of them individually, I deemed it appropriate to issue the following statement:

It is with a deep sense of historical grief that we note the passing of one of the giants of the 20th century. During the last fifty years he became the world's compass in economic matters as he led a global march toward free markets. His philosophy that freedom of the individual can only be achieved in conjunction with freedom of the marketplace was embraced by most of the world. As a consequence, the world's populations are more free today and their standards of living higher. His ideas touched us all.

On a personal level, his passing is a towering loss. Milton Friedman was my mentor, my teacher and my friend. He validated my idea for financial futures back in 1972 and encouraged me after their launch. During the years that followed, he became my incomparable ally as I devoted my own career in furtherance of the principles of free markets.


Mr. Melamed's keynote address at the China Derivatives Conference announcing the launch of the China Financial Futures Exchange (CFFEX) in China. (10/24/2006)

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Statement by Leo Melamed at the CME-CBOT Merger Announcement 10/17/2006

Remarks by Leo Melamed at the Inaugural Celebration of the CME-MSRI Prize in Innovative Quantitative Applications awarded to Professor Stephen Ross of MIT. (09/21/2006)

Financial futures are the pistons that fire the global economic engine, the life force of traders everywhere. Leo Melamed invented them.
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Melamed still nudging Merc into the faster lane
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